Panel Upgrades

Is Your Electrical Panel Overtaxed?

Is Your Electrical Panel Overtaxed?

Set up an electrical panel upgrade in York, PA

Over the last few decades, the average household and business energy demands have skyrocketed. Between computers, TVs and smartphone chargers, your old electrical panel might not be equipped to handle the energy load. That's why Shaun Ford Electric, LLC provides electrical panel upgrade work in York, PA and the surrounding area.

Our team will troubleshoot your panel to see what's going on. If we find issues, we'll repair them quickly. You can count on us to find a way to make your panel more efficient, reducing your monthly energy bills. Plus, with our panel upgrade services, we can install a whole-home surge protector in your panel box.

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Why should you upgrade your panel?

When you need electrical panel upgrade services, think of Shaun Ford Electric. Reach out to us today about upgrading because:

  • An overburdened panel can lead to frequent and inconvenient circuit trips.
  • An overburdened panel can become a fire hazard.
  • A panel upgrade will increase the resale value of your home.

Don't put up with the inconvenience or risk the potential danger of an overburdened electrical panel. Contact us today to set up services in the York, PA area.